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The Sweet Endurance Sport Products team specializes in Hand-to-Hand, Face-to-Face Sales and Marketing of Endurance Sports Products at race expos and trade shows.  Every weekend you can find our teams under tents and in convention centers around the country interacting with thousands of endurance racers and people interested in sport.  We travel to races and set up custom branded expo booths for the purpose helping other racers find the best products and methods to make their athletic endeavor a success.  We have been lucky enough to cross many finish lines ourselves so this is our way of giving back to the community, the brands, and the races that helped get us all of our success as racers.  Our in-person solutions can supplement your current branding platforms on social and traditional media by individually exposing new consumers to your products.  Sweet Endurance has been doing this since 2007 for major sporting brands all over the world with incredible success.  If you have a product that you want to get in the hands of thousands of athletes in one weekend then we can make the plan that will meet your goals.  We custom design each expo plan to the specifications needed to meet all of your sales and marketing needs.  Our goals are to design a solution that frees up your staff to do what they normally do without the distractions of travel and setting up an expo booth while positively affecting the lives of new consumers under the backdrop of your brand.  We do this through honesty, sincerity, and a truly contagious love for our sports along with a professional setup including perfect flow, inviting branding, and thousands of high energy smiles for everyone!  


We know that going to races and setting up an expo campaign can be a big task with zero room for error.  Let us take that burden off of you and apply our professional approach to your brand.  Together we can bring your products to the people who need them the most in a time when they need them the most without causing any disruption to your current staff or costing you a lot of money.  Let us make a custom solution for you today!

If you are interested in traveling this road with us then please call Samantha at 702-994-4800 to set up an appointment to start our planning together.

Expo Representation:

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