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Do I Have Something In My Teeth?

Are you nervous you may look like Ace? Do you just not "do green food? ( M&M's don't count ;p ) Or perhaps you are fearful of the "fibrous" effect of eating more fruits & veggies.

Regardless of the reason, most of us do not get enough fruits & veggies in our diets. So I have collected a few tips to help out.

First of all, BUY THIS PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY : It is the OXO Salad Chopper and I can't tell you how invaluable it is. I use this every single day without exception. ( we have 2 in case I forget to wash one) I sent Jared off with 5-6 cups of veggies that he can eat with a spoon, even if he has to walk around at work. Personally, I suffer from the fear that I'm going to flip a piece of spinach on someone in a restaurant and then they're going to beat me up. :p

But seriously...eating 5 cups of veggies is so much easier with a spoon.

. 7 Quick Tips

1. Purchase fresh fruits & veggies , not frozen or canned. This is for obvious reason for the most part but generally anything that has been cooked, canned or frozen losses a lot of it's nutrients. Also, a lot of the bagged and canned products add chemicals to preserve them.

2. Think of greens as a nice colon encouragement.

3. Some studies claim the fruits & veggies can boost your sex appeal.

4. Anti-oxidants from fruits & veggies are great for anything from skin health to possibly help combat everything from cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and even becoming Type 2 Diabetic.

5. There are always a fun varieties to try and experiment with, especially at farmers markets.

6. You can purchase all sorts of fruits & veggie tools for the kitchen. (you can use the Bullet for margaritas, if that makes the product more interesting.

7. And lastly....they are quick and easy snacks. ( minus the tub of Ranch dressing of course.)

So bite the bullet and try a few more fruits & veggies in your life! :)

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